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Mailing Address:
PO Box 27258
Albuquerque, NM 87125

Street Address:
1201 3rd St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

(505) 242-4399
(505) 242-4861 Fax

Day Shelter
(505) 843-9405
(505) 843-8624 Fax

Behavioral Health Programs
(505) 764-8231
(505) 248-1351 Fax

(505) 884-4464
(505) 884-0054 Fax

Dismas House
(505) 343-0746

The Coffee Shop
(505) 242-3801

Staff List

Administration EXT Email Title
Rusty Smith 239 Executive Director
Vicky Palmer 237 Assoc. Exec. Director, Human Resources
Kathy Westby 233 CFO
Regina Cappello 234 Senior Accountant, Accounts Pay/Receiv
Monet Silva-Caldwell 238 Development Director
Renee Ruybal 254 Grant Writer, Development Specialist
Diane Howard 235 Billing Specialist
Kat Gamboa 235 Billing Specialist
Carol Lopez 233 Part-time Accountant, Payroll
Donna Torrez 232 Office Manager
Dan Pennington 232 Social Media Manager
Behavioral Health Program EXT Email Title
Dave Webster 214 Co-Clinical Director
Maureen Rule 244 Co-Clinical Director
Rita Christopherson 201 Admin. Assist., Operations & File Manager
Celina Roybal 201 Admin. Assist., Operations & File Manager
Tenisha Erni 208 Screening and Referral Specialist
Daniel Crowder 212 Therapist
Jaclyn Montano 217 Registered Nurse
Lisbeth Carlisle 217 Registered Nurse
Anita Briscoe 246 Nurse Practitioner
Mariana Mitchell 246 Client Service Assistant
Nevin Marquez 209 Senior/CRT Program Manager
Ramona Johnson 204 CRT Community Support Worker
205 CRT Community Support Worker
Caitlin Syner 207 CRT Community Support Worker
Suzanne Santillanes 224 CRT Community Support Worker
Jessica Shultz 268 jschultz@smhc-nm.orgg CRT/Community Support Worker
Rhiannon Wilson 210 RWilson@smhc-nm.orgg CRT/Community Support Worker
Carly Sedgwick 211 Intake Coordinator
Sandra Sedillo 227 Specialty Courts CSW
France Bordeleau 256-5283 Casa de Phoenix (CdP) Program Manager
Emma Muhammad 256-5283 CdP Community Support Worker
Tammy Kiddie-Knight 256-5283 CdP Community Support Worker
Catie Elzie CdP Therapist (part-time)
Tricia Bergeron 205, 505-515-7288 CRT Community Support Worker
Lance Hemington 216 Heading Home Program Manager
Leia Cunningham 213 Heading Home Care Team Worker
John Benton 229 Heading Home Care Team Worker
Martha Montez 229 Intensive Outreach
Chuck Ciriello 262 Housing Director
Kinsey Cervantes 260 Housing Coordinator
Brenda (Blue) Vice 219 Relocation Program Coordinator/Housing
Chris Damon-Cronmiller 228 Ombudsman/Care Ambassador
Shelter Program EXT Email Title
Linda Fuller 240 Shelter Director
Karen Navarro 225 Client Advocate
Sister Agnes 243 Shelter Assistant
Dale Boyce 243 Shelter Assistant
Danielle Hunter 243 Shelter Assistant
Amanda Pilcher 243 Shelter Assistant
Joe Moreno 245 Kitchen Supervisor
Trevor Ellis 245 Kitchen Assistant, Driver
Gerald Mathes 243 Custodian, Maintenance
Rev Susan Allison-Hatch 842-1607 Volunteer Chaplain
Front Desk 243
Mail Room 247
Long Term Storage 248
Shower Station 230
Clothing Room 249
ACT Program EXT* Email Title
*note EXT are for 884-4464
Cristy Ciardiello 212 Director of ACT, Team Lead
Colleen Webster 205 Director of Clinical Services for ACT
Christine Lawson 201 Program Coordinator, Benefits/Housing Spec.
Sara Hurtado 208 Mental Hlth Wrkr, Sub. Abuse & Hous. Spec.
Amy Choy 207 Certified Peer Specialist
Joe Jones 213 Recreational & Individual Support Specialist
Stephanie Abeyta 209 Psychiatric Registered Nurse
Benjamin Peet 210 Psychiatric Registered Nurse
Nick Grace Stone 206 Mental Health Worker
Manny Crespin 206 Mental Health Worker
213 Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Dr. Arizaga Psychiatrist
SMART Phone Email Title
Kellie Tillerson 242-2284 Service Care Coordinator
Brooke Rechner 507-2284 Service Care Assistant
Sarah Nance 266-6909 Service Care Coordinator
The Coffee Shop Phone Email Title
Jerri Hollan 242-3801 The Coffee Shop Manager
Dismas House Phone Email Title
Rachel Blanton 343-0746 Program Manager
Ryan Delaware 343-0746 Community Support Worker
Claudia Timmons 343-0746 Community Support Worker
James Larson 343-0746 Facilities Coordinator
Job Development EXT Email Title
Tina Iverson 203 Job Development Program Manager
Amy Montoya 203 Job Developer



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