Staff List

Staff List

Administration EXT Email Title
Greg Morris 239 Executive Director
Vicky Palmer 237 Assoc. Exec. Director, Human Resources
Kathy Westby 233 CFO
Regina Cappello 234 Senior Accountant, Accounts Pay/Receivable
Amy Berman 238 Development Director
Melissa Fox 254 Senior Grant Writer, Development Specialist
Suzanne Soto 304 Grant Writer, Development Specialist
Carla Miszkiel 321 Volunteer Manager
Diane Howard 235 Billing Specialist
Carol Lopez 233 Part-time Accountant, Payroll
Claudia Montoya 321 Accounting Assistant
Debbie Conger 305 Senior Accountant
Maria Sanchez 232 Office Manager
Emily Huhta 320 Communications Manager/Hope Center Admin
William Tinlin 326 Admin. Assist.
 Dave Koopmans  206  IT Manager
Behavioral Health Program EXT Email Title
Dave Webster 214 Clinical Director
Nevin Marquez 209 Program Director
Vickie Summers 202 Admin. Assist.
Yvette Gonzalez 201 Admin. Assist.
Priscilla Dimas 208 Screening and Referral Specialist
Lisbeth Carlisle 217 Registered Nurse
Lata Nadig 217 Registered Nurse
Rhiannon Wilson 210 CRT Program Manager
Melinda Barth 302 CRT Community Support Worker
Ramona Johnson 204 CRT Community Support Worker
Amanda Pilcher 224 CRT Community Support Worker- Sr.
Bernice Varela 220 CRT Community Support Worker- Sr.
Selena Sanchez-Sedillo 244 CRT Community Support Worker
Sam Rhodes 309 CRT Community Support Worker
Raudia Sallee 218 CRT Community Support Worker
Shawna Avila Kubita 205 CRT Community Support Worker
Benjamin George 253 CRT Community Support Worker
Janice Chin Acton 310 CRT Community Support Worker
Kim Pelkey 207 CRT Community Support Worker
Thomas Fleming 307 Peer Evaluator
Lindsay Sorensen 316 CRT Community Support Worker
Gloria Worthington 312 SOAR Specialist
Employment PHONE Email Title
Kellie Tillerson 318 Employment Director
Ernest Becerra 303 Program Manager of Employment
Jeff Garrett 203 Employment Specialist
Casa de Phoenix  PHONE Email Title
Caitlin Syner 232-9895 CdP Operations Manager
Daniel Ross 232-9895 Therapist/ Clinical Manager
 Blanca Montes 232-9895 CdP Community Support Worker
Ashley Fitzpatrick 232-9895 CdP Community Support Worker
Heading Home and Intensive Outreach EXT Email Title
Lance Hemington 216 Heading Home Program Manager
Leia Cunningham 213 Heading Home Care Team Worker
Steve Benge 226 Heading Home Care Team Worker
Oscar Butler 227 Intensive Outreach Lead
 Cara Lemon 227 Intensive Outreach
Annika Johannson Roaming Support Case Worker
Robert Lopez Roaming Support Case Worker
Abraham Placencio 227 Intensive Outreach
Housing Program EXT Email Title
Becky Mayeaux 262 Housing Director
Alonzo Cayatineto 260 Housing Coordinator
Margaret Kephart 219 Housing Specialist
313 Housing Advocate
Shelter Program EXT Email Title
John Benton 240 Director of Shelter Services
Linda Fuller 240 Shelter Ambassador
Bernadette Miller 250 Day Shelter Client Advocate
Jamie Clauss 225 Shelter Mgr/Blue Box Manager
Dale Boyce 247 Mail Room
Louis Leyba 245 Kitchen Manager
Isaac Chung 245 Kitchen Assistant/Driver
Gerald Mathis 243 Custodian, Maintenance
Randy Jaramillo 243 Shelter Assistant
George Moreno 245 Kitchen Assistant/Driver
Doug Welsh 242 Front Desk (AM)
Jack Columb 243 Front Desk (PM)
Long Term Storage 248
Shower Station 230
Clothing Room 249
ACT Program EXT* Email Title
*note EXT are for 884-4464
Cristy Ciardiello 212 Director of ACT, Team Lead
Kris Mulka 201 Program Assit.
Rodney Reinhardt Clinical Director
Amy Millard 207 Certified Peer Specialist
Joe Jones 213 Mental Health Worker/Housing Specialist
Jade Contrucci 209 Psychiatric Registered Nurse
Benjamin Peet 210 Psychiatric Registered Nurse
Christine Lawson 206 Mental Health Worker
Manny Crespin 206 Mental Health Worker
Charles Hamel Mental Health Worker
Dr. Arizaga Psychiatrist
The Coffee Shop Phone Email Title
Julie Yung 242-3801 The Coffee Shop Manager
Dismas House Phone Email Title
Rachel Blanton 343-0746 Program Manager
Sarah Vercauteren 343-0746 CSW
Amy Pyles 343-0746 CSW
Terese Thornton 343-0746 CSW
James Larson 343-0746 Facilities Coordinator
Therapy EXT Email Title
TBD 211 Therapist (Part-Time)
Honor Heindl 311 Therapist
Asha Pollem 212



Rachel Blanton 228 Therapist
Charnell Willie 246 Client Services Assistant
Evening Shelter Meal EXT Email Title
Noel Aragon 243 Kitchen Manager
Anna Leija 243 Floor/Kitchen Manager
Saul Morales 243 Lead Security
Gift Givers Anonymous EXT Email Title
Carla Miszkiel 242-4399 ext 324 Program Coordinator
PSR House Phone Email Title
Julio Rodriguez 268-5880 Sr. CSW
Adrianne Fox 268-5880 Peer Specialist
Jessica Boyar 268-5880 CSW





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