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Dismas House

dismas_logoDismas House was created in 1994 as an answer to the growing need for supportive services for individuals struggling to re-enter society after spending time in prison/jail. Since that time, Dismas House has developed an effective residential program that provides a comprehensive matrix of services for adults returning to the community after incarceration.

Dismas House currently owns a three-acre campus comprised of 5 residential buildings that provide 90-120 days of service-enriched housing for 16 residents. We also have a women’s campus that houses 6 residents. We serve 100 to 125 residents annually.

In March 2013, Dismas House merged with St. Martin’s Hospitality Center.


The Dismas House Transitional Program is a structured 90-day, progress-oriented curriculum that moves its residents through a series of supportive steps that assist in a successful re-entry into society.

The first step in the program includes a detailed orientation and intake process that define Dismas House’s supportive services. This process is supplemented by a series of workshops, group counseling, and case management sessions. The program also provides job development support, life skills, housing development, family counseling, and after-care plans.

Dismas House Transitional Re-Entry Program consists of the following elements:

► An in-depth intake;

► Education into the nature of addictions, including the long-term health effects of substance use on the mind and body;

► Relapse prevention;

► 12-Step, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous support groups;

► Motivational counseling group sessions geared toward encouraging pro-social attitudes, behaviors and responsibilities;

► Individualized case management that includes educational opportunities, job development, life skills, housing options, family counseling and health-care referrals;

► After-care services provide graduating residents with the support system needed to maintain meaningful employment and ultimately provide graduating residents a place in society that is peaceful and productive.

Volunteer Dinners

The Dismas House Volunteer Dinner Program is one of the most important elements in our re-entry plan for our residents. Besides the excellent meal, there is good conversation between volunteers and our residents, which helps our residents to practice communication and social skills and encourages a dialogue of trust between members of the community and our residents. Volunteer Dinners also provide an opportunity for residents to network for jobs and housing opportunities that volunteers may know about. Dismas House staff members also participate in the dinners and help to facilitate a positive, fun experience for all.

Volunteer groups commit to cooking dinner one night a month. Volunteer dinners are Monday through Friday, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. If you would like to be a Dinner Volunteer, or just want more information, please contact David at (505) 343 0746 or dboston@smhc-nm.org.

Internships & Practica

Dismas House has developed a structured internship program that provides up to four interns with an opportunity to work with our residents under the direct supervision of our Program Manager, David Boston

Interns accepted into this program have the opportunity to work in case management, assessments, behavior modification, relapse prevention, groups, and helping residents build sustainable life skills.

For more information, please contact David at dboston@smhc-nm.org or (505 343 0746

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