Telephone: (505) 764-8231

The Housing department of St. Martin’s Hope Works provides HUD funded rental assistance.  These households are comprised of people with a mental health diagnosis, earn less than 30% of the area median income and require support services to be stable tenants.  We follow a housing first model, issue tenant-based vouchers and only discharge in the most extreme cases.  The housing office also serves as the Local Lead Agency for Bernalillo County.  The duties of the local lead agency are to screen tenants with special needs for residence in one of three Low Income Tax Credit rental properties in Bernalillo County.  The Housing Director also serves as the facilitator of the statewide supportive housing learning communities.  The housing office implements the “Displaced Tenant Relocation Program” which helps to relocate residents whom are displaced due to no fault of their own.

Albuquerque Heading Home:

The Albuquerque Heading Home Program seeks to identify the most medically fragile citizens in Albuquerque and support and assist those clients into finding and sustaining permanent and supportive housing. Albuquerque Heading Home works in partnership with Supportive Housing Coalitions Housing First program and model and through CRT and St Martins Shelter Plus Care housing program, and other community organizations including Heading Home. St Martins Albuquerque Heading Home Programs case manager’s work closely with our clients in maintaining housing by assisting and connecting those individuals to public services, partner agencies and limiting duplication of services. The Albuquerque Heading Home Program aims to make experiences of homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring.


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