What’s in a word?

What do you think of when you hear the word homeless? In its most straightforward definition, “homeless” can be used to describe an individual that has no place to live. No place to call home – the place… Read More

We Want To Thank You

Recently an older woman with a walker who has been a long time client of St. Martin’s stopped me on the street to say, “Thank you for everything you all have done to help me get a place to live!” She reminded me of the power of a thank you and the impact of the services St. Martin’s provides to hundreds of people struggling to over-come life challenges and to find their way home.

Things Are Changing at St. Martin’s

It is time to talk seriously about ending homelessness!  It is time to take action and make change happen!   For far too long we have allowed ourselves to stand frozen and concerned but struggling without adequate funding… Read More

Concerning Recent Events in Albuquerque

St. Martin’s strongly regrets the recent events surrounding the death of James Boyd, and empathizes with the feeling of loss within the community. At this time, the organization is focused on solutions and on advancing evidence-based methods for… Read More

A Day Of Remembrance

It is September 11th and a time to remember.  To this day I can remember what I was doing and the impact of watching NBC news with Matt and Katie.  I always get to the office really early… Read More

Welcome from our Executive Director

Dear Friends of St. Martin’s, Welcome to our third annual Stone Soup Dinner 2013…  “What does hope look like?”  Have you ever given thought to the role that Hope plays in your life?  What would your life be… Read More

Not Just Homeless

Someone recently came to my office and told me, “I am homeless.”  I was caught off-guard at the simplicity and power of this statement.  You don’t know me or anything about me, but “I am homeless” and that… Read More

I have a complaint… my life is too difficult!

I have a complaint… my life is too difficult! I came to work today and discovered an ocean of all the reasons that prevented me/us from having a good day at work…  bad weekend, too hot, had to… Read More

Long and hard road to Hope

It has been a long and hard road this last 2 month for the community of St. Martin’s…  at our All Staff meeting last week I think most of us felt overwhlemed with sadness and loss.  In the last… Read More

Holiday Miracles

Holiday Miracles… Have you seen any miracles lately? When I was a kid I always believed that this was a season of miracles…  something magical could happen when dreams and prayers mixed with people caring about each other. At… Read More

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