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Project End Homeless mobilizes agency capacity in outreach, emergency services, behavioral health care, employment/income support, and housing while building the infrastructure necessary for real-time communication between and streamlined service delivery across Albuquerque’s homeless agencies.

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“There’s A Better Way”

In May 2015, Mayor Richard J. Berry launched the There’s a Better Way campaign to give panhandlers a chance at a change in their lives and a way to provide caring members of our community with a better… Read More

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Dental & Medical Services

St. Martin’s Hospitality Center provides comprehensive medical and dental services at the St. Martin’s Shelter, located at 1201 3rd St NW, Albuquerque, NM.   THESE SERVICES WILL BE SOON SET UP AND WILL BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY. KEEP CHECKING… Read More

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Project Share

We are very pleased to announce that Project Share is now a program of St. Martin’s Hospitality Center.  Having Project Share as part of the St. Martin’s team means we will now be able to serve more clients easily,… Read More

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The Intake Department within St. Martin’s Behavioral Health services consists of two distinct functions designed to facilitate a supportive and clinically appropriate transition into the behavioral health programs. The Screening/Referral specialist initially meets with potential clients to gather… Read More

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St Martin’s Shelter is the entry way for people experiencing homelessness. We offer 3 full meals, in our new dining facility, Monday through Friday starting at 9 AM. If you enjoy pastries, be here early because that starts at 8 AM. The clothing room is open M, T, Th. F. We offer short & long term storage daily. The mail room is open daily from 10-11 am. Showers are offered 8am until 11am and all toiletries are given when showering.

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